In 2017, The Giro held its hundreeth edition. Knowning that it once was the biggest race of the sport and today no longer occupies this post, we saw this as an opportunity to redesign the visual identity of the event. Taking advantage of this special moment for the competition to update the brand and put it in a prominent position in relation to other races. 
The Giro d’Italia is a cycling race, which had its first edition in 1909 to increase the sales of La Gazzetta dello Sport newspaper and since then only did not occur in periods of World Wars. 
It is part of the select group of three cycling races that has a special status within the UCI (International Cycling Union), giving more ranked points for the rider and it can break some rules (e.g. Having more than 14 days of race). 
These three races are known as Grand Tours. They are The Giro, Le Tour and La Vuelta.