Nowhow is a digital centre that acts as a filter and constant curator to the information around us, reimagining the structure and speed at which a museum's contents can change.
The centre has a triannual magazine, published in two-year cycles, following its RGBCMY brand palette. Nowhow.mag looks at how different aspects of our lives has been changed by The Internet
For its first (red) issue, the magazine looks at the impact that the Internet has had on music; how it has opened doors for new ways of working, birthed new practices, new explorations, influenced how artists operate, and created conversation with the outside world.
The digital consciousness that influences the magazine's content also shapes and translates to its physical qualities. The magazine is large, intentionally – it is meant to be taken seriously and to be read.
Nowhow.mag is a scaled 16:9 and has no page numbers, using tabs with its article titles as navigation.